Mexico Pelagico II

Filming and exploring the Mexican open ocean in search of unique wonders and solutions to threats

A project to film and photograph unique open ocean marine life spectacles in Mexico,  learn about the threats to specific locations/species and apply the knowledge we have to replace fishing with sustainable tourism. We have no script, just a series of places and species we wish to cover. The idea is to film for 3-4 years in 4K quality before entering post production phase of the documentary.  This project will be the sequel of the award winning documentary: Mexico Pelagico

Next filming locations

Striped Marlin Baitballs (Baja, Mexico) - FILMED
Cortez Sharks (Baja, Mexico) – July 23-25 2017
Mobula Night (Sea of Cortez, Mexico) - September 29, 2017
Great Whites, Kelp & Tuna (Baja, Mexico) - October 24 2017
Wind & Sardines (Oaxaca, Mexico) – December 2017
Sailfish & Sharks (Cancun, Mexico) – February 2018
Bull Sharks of the Pacific (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico) – March 2018
Manta Valley (Cancun, Mexico) - September 2018
Alijos Rocks (Baja, Mexico) - November 2018
Red Devils (Sea of Cortez, Mexico) - To be determined
Cetacean Obsession (Sea of Cortez, Mexico) - To be determined
Lost Cay (Alacranes, Mexico) - To be determined

Want to be a part of the film project?


If you wish to join an expedition and be a part of the documentary film please send an email to, & and tell us why you should come and if you are willing to donate anything in return for the invitation. The cost of the expeditions will be divided equally among all members of the expeditions, usually around 6-8. If there only a few places left, preference will be giving to those who are willing to donate something to the film or the organization.

Want to help the documentary film?

please spread the word & donate