Sea Lions & WhaleSharks | La Paz, Baja

The Gulf of California is a 700-mile long narrow sea between Baja and mainland Mexico, and one of the worlds richest and youngest seas. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005 due to its prolific biodiversity and biological productivity. And that was a good call on the UN’s part: the Gulf is home to over 800 species of fish, 2000 invertebrates, as well as whales, dolphins, sea turtles and sea lions.
— National Geographic






The Sea Lion colony in Isla Espiritu Santo, near La Paz offers unparrallel encounters with these friendly sea mammals. On the way over to the sea lion colony, only a few minutes away from boat and during the right season it is highly likely to see juvenile whale sharks. These whale sharks hang out in the bay of the La Paz and one has to take advantage of the low winds to spot the fins in the surface.

These activities are offered by many tourist operators. While all off them offer the basic encounters with sea lions and whale sharks we recommend you go with an operator that will take your group exclusively. This will allow you to take the time to get a good encounter with whale sharks and all the time you need exploring the sea lion colony and the beautiful beaches along the way. 






Recommended Operator

Baja Adventure Co (BACO)
+52 612 106 7242
Patrick Puhlmann,

Closest Airport

La Paz (LAP)

Recommended Accomodations

La Paz (Seven Crown Hotel)


Rent a car in La Paz airport, there are multiple rental companies. From the airport you can also get a taxi to the hotel.