American Crocodiles | Banco Chinchorro

Crocodile diving is one the most exiciting big animal encounters you will ever experience. These encounters are unique opportunites to experience these animals up close and personal.
— Eli Martinez






The american crocodiles of Banco Chinchorro are believed to have traveled over 20 NM from white sandy beaches in Riviera Maya to this forgotten reef system. This area holds unique encounters with crocodiles in clear Caribbean waters. With sufficient luck one can have multiple crocs swimming in different areas around the "palapitos".  Besides possible weather complications to get to Chinchorro, one can get reliable close encounters with crocs in great visibility. Banco Chinchorro is the size of Cozumel Island and we consider this unspoiled patch of paradise one of the least known ecological treasures in Mexico. 

On the way over to Chinchorro, we also highly recomend diving with the tarpon congregation occurs in several areas of the coral reef near Xcalak. The tarpon congregate primarily in a dive site called “La Poza” which is a natural made canyon where the tarpon wait against the current for small fish the prey on. It is not uncommon to see over 30 tarpon at the same time. In the Poza one can also encounter congregations of big eyed jacks, large snappers and eagle rays.







Recommended Operator

XTC Dive Center contact Javier Salas at

Closest Airport

Chetumal (CTM), Cancun (CUN)

Recommended Accomodations

Xalak (XTC Dive Center has rooms available)


Rent a car in Cancun or Chetumal airport and drive to Xcalak. From Chetumal, Xcalak is about 2 hours. From Cancun, Xcalak is about 5 hours. Roads are accesible no need for 4WD.