Book: Mexico Pelagico

delivery date: november 2017

Mexico Pelagico is an effort to create awareness for vulnerable and forgotten marine species in the open ocean. During the last seven years members of Pelagic Life – a Mexican based non-profit organization- have documented the silent world of sharks, whales, dolphins, marlin, sailfish, mantas, tuna, and others. T  d true dedication toward the last wilderness frontier in Mexico: the open ocean. Without awareness of this forgotten marine environment one can’t even begin to fathom protection, not even consider conservation.

Documenting the pelagic world in Mexico became an obsession for Pelagic Life after noticing how most Mexicans when asked about sightings of open ocean species would cite other countries. Experienced divers, when asked about great white sharks, responded with stories about Australia and South Africa. Great pelagic diving was done in Galapagos or Cocos Islands and shark diving was only a thing of the Bahamas or Fiji. Was this really true? This provoked a quest from the founding members of Pelagic Life to prove that the great pelagic fauna was also found in Mexico. Through many seasons of trial and error they realized that Mexico is at the level of countries like Australia and South Africa in terms of pelagic diversity and intensity.

Underwater images of large marine fauna send a powerful message to our society. People became aware of the treasures and threats to this fragile ecosystem and one industry in particular flourished. The income a local resident in Mexico can generate through a sustainable and established tourism operation with pelagic fauna is sufficiently higher and more secure than fishing. Tourism with pelagic species began to grow and is considered a powerful tool for protection. The documentary film Mexico Pelagico (2013) was a successful example and a measurable exercise of this thesis. Today Pelagic Life believes, sustainable tourism with pelagic species will reverse the economic equation and make species be worth more alive than dead.

Mexico Pelagico beholds a fraction of the species, environments and events that still exist in the Mexican open ocean. We acknowledge we have merely scratched the surface; however we will not stop exploring, documenting and promoting tools for protecting the last wilderness frontier in Mexico.  


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