Documentary Film | Mexico Pelagico

Mexico Pelagico is a documentary that condenses three years of filming and learning in the Mexican open ocean. The purpose of this film is to get as many people aware of our observations and ignite sustainable protection for pelagic life.
— Jero Prieto


While the Pelagic Life team is chasing the elusive sardine baitball in the open ocean near Baja California, they stumble upon a crude shark fishing operation that sparks a seismic shift in the group’s thinking. Departing from their original concept of documenting awesome sea-life phenomenon, they transform their mission to creating awareness of Mexico’s sea-life while creating sustainable livelihoods for the shark fishermen in order to preserve a delicate and critical ecosystem. 

Mexico Pelagico is the story of an unlikely pairing of interests. It is clear that once you swim alongside sharks, sailfish, dolphin, turtles and even crocodiles, your perspective will never be the same. Mexico Pelagico invites the audience to engage with Mexico’s rich and majestic oceanic treasures, to be inspired and awed to take up the mantle of respect and conservation through ecotourism.


Title: México Pelágico
Time: 70 minutes
Production Year: 2013-2014
Production: Pelagic Life & Calypso Films (México)
Language: English & Spanish