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El Pelagic Safari en Cabo es un viaje de un día completo en el océano operado por Pelagic Safari: Los Cabos (Pelagic Fleet), que empieza a las 8 a.m. y termina generalmente alrededor de 5-6 p.m., siempre dependiendo de las condiciones climáticas, la distancia y los avistamientos.

La aventura comienza en el puerto deportivo, donde nuestro personal dará la bienvenida a nuestros huéspedes. Tan pronto como se complete la exención de responsabilidad y se complete la primera sesión informativa, los participantes se dirigirán a la "Mobula", un Intrepid de 32 pies con dos motores Yamaha de 250 cv, para garantizar seguridad y alta velocidad para una mejor oportunidad de encuentros pelagicos.

Aunque pudiéramos acomodar a más personas en el bote, realizamos viajes con grupos no mayores a 6, de esta forma la experiencia se aprovechará por completo con la máxima comodidad tanto dentro como fuera del agua.


The Pelagic Safari in Cabo is a full day trip on the ocean operated by Pelagic Safari: Cabo (Pelagic Fleet), starting at 8am and usually ending around 5-6pm, always depending on weather conditions, distance, and sightings.

The adventure starts at the marina, where our staff will welcome our guests. As soon as the waiver is filled and the first briefing is done, the participants will head to our brand new boat, the “Mobula”, a 32ft Intrepid with two 250hp Yamaha engines, to ensure safety and high speed for a better chance of pelagic encounters.

Even though we could fit more people on the boat, we run trips with groups no larger than 6, that way the experience will be fully seized at maximum comfort both in and out of the water.






We will contact you with all the directions to get to our shop located at the Cabo San Lucas Marina, where you will try  on your gear and receive the first briefing. Depending on our schedule, the Mobula will pick us up at the Cabo marina, or ground transportation will be provided for the San José Marina.

Your Day
It is an adventure in the form of raw marine exploration, but that doesn’t mean it has to be uncomfortable. During your trip, our job will be to pay attention to all the small details to ensure a great day regardless wildlife interaction. Depending on a series of factors, we will cover a distance between 10 and 40 miles to get to our chumming spot, always looking for marine life while we are on the way. Once we reach the spot, we will stop the engines and use bait and chumming techniques to try to attract sharks and interact with them in their natural habitat. The process can take from 30 minutes up to 4 hours. We will use all of our knowledge and experience to increase the possibility of wildlife encounters, just remember it is the open ocean, where anything can happen. Even though the odds are in our favor, we cannot guarantee sightings and/or encounters, but hey, that’s what an adventure is all about.

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