Buena Pesca | Certificación de Restaurantes

Buena Pesca es una certificación a restaurantes en México que fija lineamientos para promover el consumo responsable de especies marinas en México. La meta  es darle valor al trabajo del pescador, del restaurante (chef) y educar al comensal. 



We have worked with several communities teaching them the importance of maintaining a sound ecosystem and also teaching them sustainable fishing techniques that can help them increase the value of their products (ike jime, fish bleeding). The fisherman we are working with are only using handlines and longlines and we are trying to expand this culture to more people. 


We have met with some distributors and explaining to them importance of paying a fair prices for catch that has been done through sustainable processes that respect our oceans. This will help them (and everybody)  preserve  their source of income in the future avoiding over exploitation of the oceans resources


Meeting with top Chefs in Mexico and talking with them about the great importance it represents to our future if they demand products that respect our oceans. This will guarantee them a better quality of products even though they are more expensive. We ask them to consume species that: reproduce fast, area not endangered (iucn red list), are not catched by destructive methods and not targeting special species groupers, tuna, wild shrimps).