Silky & Hammerheads | Bahia Magdalena

One can only think of a couple of places where you have realistic chances of interacting with the elusive smooth hammer head shark
— Jorge Cervera


During the summer months, June through August, the warm water of the Pacific brings all of the large pelagic predators to Bahia Magdalena. It is not uncommon to be surrounded by schools of Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Tuna, Bonito and even a curious whale shark. But the main attraction in these months are the numerous silky sharks swimming all over the place. Although usually very shy, during this season if you are lucky one can encounter smooth hammer heads. 

The weather during this time is usually very hot. Be prepared to spend several hours in the sun. Water temperature is warm and divers usually don't need a thick wetsuit. Although it is rare to have northern storms blow in, during this time weather is usually not a problem. 



June 25-28 (8 spots left)

July 23-26 (8 spots left)

August 27-30 (8 spots left)


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Closest Airport

La Paz (LAP), San Jose del Cabo (SJD)


Puerto San Carlos (Hotel Brenans)


Pick up at La Paz, 3 1/2 hour drive from La Paz to Puerto San Carlos. If pick up is at San Jose del Cabo (Los Cabos Airport) it is a 5 1/2 hour drive.

Previous Expeditions

August 8-11, 2014

Given the success of the first summer trip, expectations for this group were high. This time we came out with another 3 boats and 12 divers in search of large pelagics. The buoy had less predators and more baitfish, which lead us to the conclusion that the season was probably ending. However, as we jumped in the water a juvenile whale shark came cruising out of nowhere. After we got bored of the mahi mahi and wahoo on the buoy we started chumming. Silky sharks took about 1 hour to arrive on the first day and under an hour the following day. However the big surprise was a large smooth hammer head that came in with bursting attitude. We spent two hours in the water with this large smooth hammer head and two other smaller hammer heads accompanied by at least 5 silky sharks. In Magbay you always have to expect the unexpected!

July 19-22, 2014

Summer always brings surprises to Magbay. The warm water is a source of large pelagics like silky sharks, mahi mahi, wahoo and tuna. In Magbay this weekend we had the whole party in one spot. Within a one mile radius we saw rivers of mahi mahi in a feeding frenzy, dozens of wahoo and silky sharks everywhere we looked. Everything was congregating in the buoy we had set up several months in advance. When we chummed for sharks the first shark showed up in less than 30 minutes (a new record). Three boats and 12 divers had two days of none-stop pelagic action in crystal blue waters.