SeaFood App

Applicación Movil con Tabla de Consumo Responsable: Mexico

An easy to use mobile app to help mexican consumers choose sustainable and healthy seafood with local names and information.

Goals in first six months

  • 8,000-15,000 mobile downloads in six months.
  • +1,000,000 impacts during marketing campaign. 
  • 20 restaurants in Mexico who become ambassadors of sustainable consumption and removing shark meat, marlin and blue fin tuna from the menu.
  • 50 restaurants in Mexico who help spread the mobile app content and have a certified sustainable dish.
  • 5 distributors who obtain certification for carrying sustainable marine species in Mexico.


App Design and Concept Development: $512,113.35MXP

Programming: $463,138MXP

Maintenance: $29,792.05MXP

Marketing Campaign: $200,000.00MXP

TOTAL: $1,205,043.05 MXP / $65,954 USD


thus far...

Patricia Garza Davila, Maria Fernanda Rivera Hoyos, Rafael Iturbe Reygadas, Gabriela Alonso Palacios, Diego Rodriguez, Paulina Romero Best, Alvaro Rodriguez Carreno, Javier Ruiz Galindo G, Fernando Maldonado Garces, Jose Carlos Sanchez, LECO, Santiago Arriaga, Pelagic Life, Fundación Legorreta + Hernández

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thus far...

February 2016

In the past month  we have already  raised more than $155,386 MXN this is roughly 12% of the funding required. With this budget we have already paid our designers the first stage of our  SeaFood App. Pentagono Estudio, our main designers have already started in working in the concept, design and functionality of  the app. Here are some of the preliminary artwork for the mobile app: