Sailfish Baitballs | Cancun & Isla Mujeres

This is our 7th season taking a small group of divers to seek out one of the greaest natural predation events in the underwater world: sailfish chasing baitballs. This adventure is big animal diving at its finest.
— Eli Martinez






The sailfish bait balls of the Caribbean is a one of a kind event in the world. The northern storms bring countless amounts of sardines to the warm waters of the Caribbean where hundreds of sailfish await them. The season can start as early as late December and end in early March. Consequently we recommend you visit during the first two weeks of February to guarantee an encounter.

The weather during these months is treacherous during a 5 day expedition it is not uncommon to get at least one or two days canceled due to weather. The good news is you can visit the cenotes (underwater caves) in Tulum and even the bull shark migration in Playa del Carmen if the weather gets tough. Be ready to cruise several hours in the boat and get wet during the bumpy ride.






Recommended Operator

Solo Buceo contact information here, or contact Rodrigo Frisicione at

Pelagic Life: Sailfish, contact

Closest Airport

Cancun (CUN)

Recommended Accomodations

Cancun (Hotel Sotavento), Isla Mujeres


Rent a car in Cancun Airport or use shuttle service from the airport. There is a ferry from Cancun to Isla Mujeres.