Pelagic Week | Southern Baja


for a week

LA PAZ  1 day

CABO PULMO  2 days

Short Description

In 2015 Pelagic Life started the second phase of the Call of the Shark project consisting in starting work with the community of San Carlos to promote ecotourism in their territory. Looking for an alternative to making money through allowing interaction with different marine species, and trying to preserve them through time.
With so much marine diversity off the coast of Baja California Sur, and so many places to visit, Pelagic Life has decided to start a new journey and has planned an 8-day 7-night trip to visit different points of marine sightings. With the idea of preserving the essence of our expeditions and reducing the impact, we have tried relying on free-diving immersions. However to have a more enriching experience, diving with tanks at Cabo Pulmo is a no miss.
With our different locations we are strategically considering making an expedition in 2 different seas (Pacific, Sea of Cortés) and one place where the two meet. 

Dates & Availability


November 7-14 (10 Places Available)


Need specific/other dates? Send us an email or contact or directly. We'd be happy to organize a custom trip for your group or send you more information.





Closest Airport

La Paz (LAP), San Jose del Cabo (SJD)


Puerto San Carlos (Hotel Brenann)

La Paz (7 Crown)

Cabo Pulmo (Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort)


Pick up at La Paz, 3.5 hour drive from La Paz to Puerto San Carlos.  From La Paz to Cabo Pulmo is a 2.5hr drive. Drop off is in La Paz. If you arrive to San José del Cabo (Los Cabos Airport) you will need to make arrangements to reach La Paz to leave with the rest of the group (extra costs are derived).

LA PAZ  1 day 

CABO PULMO  2 days