Open Ocean Safari | Bahia Magdalena



The Open Ocean Safari in Magbay is the product of a grass root effort to replace shark fishing with sustainable tourism.  We strongly believe this expedition is a Safari in itself. On the water we will be constantly looking for any activity in the surface besides sharks, like baitballs, dolphins, turtles, whales (grey, humpback, blue, pilot), mahi mahi, stripped marlin and even mola molas. In the big blue you will always have a surprise of some sort. 

Currently we have a high possibility of seeing sharks but the trip also revolves around seeing and jumping in the water with many other open ocean species. Although the open ocean safaris are still being polished. Please read the trip reports below to see the full details of our exploratory expeditions 

2016 Dates


17 - 21 November (SOLD OUT!!!)* Mex Revolution

Need specific/other dates? Send us an email or contact or directly. We'd be happy to organize a custom trip for your group or send you more information.





Closest Airport

La Paz (LAP), San Jose del Cabo (SJD)


Puerto San Carlos (Hotel Brenann)


Pick up at La Paz, 3 1/2 hour drive from La Paz to Puerto San Carlos. If you arrive to San José del Cabo (Los Cabos Airport) you will need to make arrangements to reach La Paz to leave with the rest of the group (extra costs are derived).

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