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The Gulf of California is a 700-mile long narrow sea between Baja and mainland Mexico, and one of the worlds richest and youngest seas. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005 due to its prolific biodiversity and biological productivity. And that was a good call on the UN’s part: the Gulf is home to over 800 species of fish, 2000 invertebrates, as well as whales, dolphins, sea turtles and sea lions.
— National Geographic






Given the annual shark ban in Mexican waters during the months of May through July a well known seamount in the Sea of Cortez in the Baja Peninsula one can find large congregation of pelagic sharks. Departing from La Paz and with the intention to chum these waters It is not uncommon get over 7+ silky sharks in flat seas and blue waters.  While this experience is fairly new, there is still much to explore and one can hope for many surprises on these waters including other species of sharks.

On the way over to the seamount or the way back one can also find schools of common dolphin and mobula mantas in addition to swimming with the friendly sealion colony in Isla Espiritu Santo.






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La Paz (LAP)

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La Paz (Seven Crown Hotel)


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