Grey Whales | Bahia Magdalena

Grey whales make one of the longest migrations of any mammal on Earth. Every year they swim over 10,000 miles on a roundtrip between Mexico’s nursery lagoons and feeding grounds in the Arctic.
— National Geographic Society






The grey whale migration to Baja California occurs during the winter months. Bahia Magdalena’s massive extension is an ideal place to view grey whales giving birth, reproduce and socializing. On any given day one can view over ten different whales. Because the whale observation occurs within the bay even if the weather is bad one can still go out and see grey whales up close. 

Diving or snorkeling with the whales is prohibited. One can get permits to dive with the whales for footage recollection, however the whales are extremely skittish and the visibility is usually less than 15 feet therefore we recommend you bring pole cams if you need underwater footage. Driving to Bahia Magdalena from La Paz is around 3.5 hours and from Los Cabos about 5 hours, consequently we suggest you stay overnight in Bahia Magdalena for your trip. 





Recommended Operator

MagBay Sport - Gabino Zarabia

Closest Airport

La Paz (LAP), San Jose del Cabo (SJD)

Recommended Accomodations

Puerto San Carlos (Hotel Brenann)


Rent a car at the airport and drive to Puerto San Carlos (Bahia Magdalena). Roads are safe and well maintained no 4WD necessary. 3 1/2 hour drive from La Paz to Puerto San Carlos