Jacks & Bull Sharks | Cabo Pulmo

Today, Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park is one of the most fruitful examples of marine conservation in Mexico. Fishing was banned inside the park, and local residents, in concert with the Mexican government, helped bring the reef back from certain demise. Today, Cabo Pulmo’s reef is called an “Ocean Miracle,” and it is a great success story for Mexican conservationists.
— National Geographic






Cabo Pulmo is the northern most coral reef system in the eastern Pacific and an exemplary conservation success story. This small town is located just two hours for San Jose del Cabo (Los Cabos) airport or La Paz. The town breaths ocean conservation and has a really nice vibe to it. Two massive hotel developments (Cabo Cortez and Cabo Dorado) have been rejected in the last five years by the local community.

In the dives you will be overwhelmed by the amount of fish in the reef, especially big eyed jacks. Visibility is best during the summer and fall months, this is why if you are interested in underwater photography we recommend you visit between July and November.  If you are especially interested in seeing Bull Sharks, we recommend October - November. The area around Cabo Pulmo is also worth the exploration, there are desolate beaches all around some excellent for snorkeling. 






Recommended Operator

Pargo Castro +52 1 624 117 4257

Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort - Contact diving@cabopulmo.com 

Closest Airport

La Paz (LAP), San Jose del Cabo (SJD)

Recommended Accomodations

Cabo Pulmo (Baja Bungalows)


Rent a car in the airport and drive to Los Cabos. Roads are safe and well maintained no 4WD necessary.